Our Story

This feels a bit like the first time in the gym, you don't know what to expect and where to start....

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Our Vision
Kifaru Gear Founded in 2020 by Martijn. After years of training and looking up to great inspirations like Christian Guzman, Merijn and Rob Lipsett.

He started wearing tank tops when he felt confident enough about his own body. At a later stage he noticed that he felt better in oversized T-shirts called ''pump covers''. Because if you look good then you have a good workout. Here he ran into a problem. There was no online brand in Europe that made oversized T-shirts with dope designs on them.

This is how Kifaru Gear was born. Kifaru Gear wants to bring streetwear to the gym. Because nowadays it's not about who looks the most muscular in the gym. But about how you feel! And just like we point out above. Do you look fleeky in the gym then you automatically have a good workout too. This makes us (Kifaru Gear) different from all other standard fitness brands. We make high-end pump covers that are not available anywhere else....

Our vision is therefore:
Greatness isn't found in the comfort zone!
We want to offer the best fitness accessories and clothing in the fitness market. And also be affordable for the normal person who has the same passion for fitness as we do!

Our Name
Kifaru means: Rhino.

We donate 10% of our sales to the Rhino Foundation to help this beautiful and powerful animal against extinction. Because really, the Rhino is nature's bodybuilder 😉